Our Team

Coach Katrina
Director- Rancho Cucamonga & Irvine

Hey there! My name is Coach Katrina. Growing up I have always had the passion for the sport of soccer. Starting at age 8, I joined my city's soccer league, made the select team, and then at age 12, I got invited to proudly represent and play for Alta Loma Arsenal FC (go Gunners)! Having the opportunity to play with my premiere team allowed me to excel in my skill level and led me to a starting position on Rancho Cucamonga's High School varsity line up.

After playing at the varsity level all four years, being granted with the Captain title for two, and making it to the CIF Championship game my senior year, I was blessed to receive a soccer scholarship to California Baptist University, where I graduated in '05 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration/ Management. Staying in tune with the soccer scene and continuing my love for the sport, I decided to interview for the Miss LA Galaxy title... and... I won! So, for an entire MLS season I not only got to market for the LA Galaxy and attend every home game, but I got to give one of the most respected players in the world a high five... yep, David Beckham. I know that might sound minimal, but hey, coming from an athlete who loves this sport, it was pretty cool 🙂

Now having the chance to learn a little about me and my soccer background, I definitely want you, the parent, to know that it has been a dream of mine to share my love and passion for this sport to young children. To be involved with HappyFeet has got to be the most rewarding experience I have been given. To own a moment such as this, I look forward to sharing enjoyment, confidence and success with your child!

Coach Christina
Coach- League Director Rancho Cucamonga & Irvine

I am a pediatric Occupational Therapist, so working with kids comes second nature to me. I joined HappyFeet in 2015 and have loved seeing the kids progress through the five-week course! I enjoy teaching the kids simple skills and having fun doing it. I have been playing soccer since I was eight years old and truly enjoy giving back to the kids. There’s nothing better than seeing the kids smile after conquering a new move.

Coach E

I LOVE HappyFeet because at HappyFeet we teach indiviual skills in most fun and affecting way to the kids and we get awesome feedback from the kids and their parents! 

Coach Jesus

Hey my name is Jesus and I have been playing soccer since I was 5 years old. I love this sport and how it brings people from all backgrounds and cultures together. I enjoy working with kids and hope to pass down the knowledge I have. LETS GO HAPPY FEET! 

Coach Alexis

Hi Everyone! My name is coach Alexis and I'v been playing soccer for as long as i can remember! I enjoy spending time with kids and making sure they are set to prosper in the beautiful game called football!! Make to swing by and say hi! Cant wait to see you guys on the field and have an amazing time!

Coach Jeffrey

What is up!! My name is Coach Jeffrey and I’ve been playing soccer since I was 6 years old. I’m beyond grateful that I implemented soccer into my lifestyle as it has given me confidence, lifelong friendships, and passion towards this sport. Now, I have the opportunity to coach at Happy Feet and I am excited to get your kid going!

Coach Mode

Soccer is my life and I love teaching it to kids. When i am coaching soccer to the kids, i have everything i want in the world 🙂

Coach Rachel

I’m coach Rachel! I’m a student at Cal State Long Beach and played soccer for fourteen years. I have an awesome time with the three year olds at Happy Feet! It’s important to create a safe environment for everyone to have fun and learn new skills

Coach Devon
Rancho Cucamonga

I love seeing the bright smiles on each of the kids' faces every saturday. Its so fun to be able to teach them all soccer skills while having so much fun! Being able to coach these little ones is such a great feeling!

Coach Jose
Rancho Cucamonga

Soccer is my passion and teaching my students is the highlight of my week! I love being able to pass on the knowledge I've accrued over my years of experience to them and seeing it being used for them to improve.

Coach Marc
Rancho Cucamonga

I love soccer and kids because I grew up loving sports and I am a very competitive person. I love to make everyone enjoy the game and build memories they can look back on!

Coach Michael
Rancho Cucamonga

I love teaching kids and watching them learn the basics of soccer. It really shows them growing! I love the happiness they bring to practice!